Pamela Anderson

wants Faeroes to stop whale drive

Rutger Hauer

meets the last whale on Earth in Requiem 2019

Tommy Lee

speaks up for Paul Watson at German concert


Welcome on board

Richard Dean Anderson

McGyver is a long time Sea Shepherd supporter


records EP to benefit Sea Shepherd

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Sea Shepherd teams up with Red Hot Chili Peppers


If this is what you want (Als je dit echt wilt) - a song for the whales

Artists for Sea Shepherd

Worldwide thousands of whales are still being slaughtered each year. For decades authorities have shown lack of willpower to uphold international treaties, regulations and conservation law and seem to be unable or unwilling to protect whales and other marine wildlife.
Artists for Sea Shepherd is an initiative from Geert Vons and Arjen Weijers aimed to raise awareness by inviting artists to use their talents and express their concern.